Remote assistance

We are delighted to introduce our new remote assistance service. It gives you the opportunity to receive one2one technical support without the presence of a technician at your premises. The service is 100% secure and controlled by the customer.

Who can use the remote assistance service?

Virtually any person, using Windows based computer, which is connected to the Internet.

What are the advantages?

* You do not have to leave the comfort of your seat
* Advanced booking is NOT necessary – the service is delivered within 30 minutes of receiving your call on 02084528900
* We know you work till late – so do we! Remote assistance is available on bank holidays and after office hours!
* No waiting time for a technician to come over
* The price you pay is lower than the price of a regular onsite visit
* Payments are processed through our website payment system and secured by PayPal. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

How it works and is it safe?

We use 100% secure remote assistance software. After you call us, the support technician will give you an internet address, which you type in Internet Explorer and start our online client program. No software is being installed on your computer – the client program runs directly from our server. Then we give you a 5 digit code, which you enter in the dialog window. The control panel that will appear is your insurance against unauthorised entry – you can end the session at any point by just pressing a button. In this manner you are in full control of the operation during the entire remote assistance session. A new session cannot be started without you starting the online program and entering the code, provided by us. After ending a session, there will be no sign of our presence left on your computer.

What can you fix remotely?**

Basically, 80% of the software problems can be resolved remotely:

* Installation of newly purchased software 
* Post-installation troubleshooting and configuration
* System cleanup and optimization
* E-mail troubleshooting and configuration
* Firewall configuration
* Security permissions – local and network
* Diagnostics, and in some cases – virus and spyware removal
* Help with various office application
* Dealing with corrupt software installations 
* Backup configuration and performance
* One2one computer literacy tuition

**Please note: Internet connectivity problems, as well as router/ADSL modem troubleshooting or any sort of hardware problems CANNOT be resolved remotely. For those cases, call 02084528900 to book an onsite visit.


Connection charge ***
Price per minute 
£12.00  £0.75

*** Connection charge is applied only once per 24 hour period.

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